"I don't need Dollar Shave Club, I've got The Strop. I've had the same razor for over a month when I used to need one every two weeks!" -Craig, Illinois

"So my Mach 3 blades are 2 months old. Shave is still pretty amazing without any burn or nicks. 
Color me impressed :)" -Bino, San Francisco

"Wish I had one of these years ago... would have saved hundreds!" - Ramond

"Made my blades so sharp they started quizzing me." - Bowen, NYC

"Gents, if you shave, you need this strop. Women, if you love your man, buy him this strop. For the price of a razor cartridge refill, you can give yourself years of savings to sharpen your own disposable blades. Next time I'm in Nashville, I'm looking these guys up to go have a beer with them." - Greg, Chicago

"Freaking Great Product" -BioJoe, South Carolina

"Just got mine. Who knew you could have a swaggy towel rack" -Amos, Boston

"Well I'm normally not too easily impressed but 3 weeks in using the strop and still on the same blade and still getting a smooth clean new blade shave every time... It will have paid for itself within a few months." -Steve, UK

"If you are looking for a denim Strop, I would definitely recommend this one as it is sure to last you a long time and look great wherever you put it." - G

"I shave every week day before work, so the strop has become very important in my morning routine. Shaving with a sharpened blade was fast and easy, and will save me a lot of money in the long run.  For someone with sensitive skin, a sharpened blade makes a big difference. I now carry the strop on every business trip to get a close shave daily. This product exceeded my expectations." -James B, NYC