Never Dull

A tool for the modern man to extend the life of his razor and enjoy the feeling and efficiency of a fresh blade every shave.

How Does It Work?


Razors are engineered in a very specific way. The blades are spaced and aligned to ensure every shave is smooth and irritation free. The weave of the Strop’s American-made denim realigns your blades, giving you a primo shave for 3-5 x longer than what you’re used to.



The edge of these blades are so thin, that the process of shaving causes little micro-burs and indentations to occur. The friction built between the denim and the blades will actually smooth the surface of the blades for a sharper, more comfortable shave.



After shaving, your blade is covered with hairs, bacteria and dead skin. Stropping cleans your blades by scraping off all that caked on face gunk -- providing an instantly smoother, more sanitary shave.

Why Do I Want One?


Better Shave
Gives you the feeling of a new blade shave for every shave.


Save Money
Who doesn’t want to save $100 a year and get a better shave at the same time?


Save Planet
The USA alone throws away 2 billion blades every year. Using the Strop, you can cut your yearly razor use by over 70%. Keep your razors in your bathroom and out of oceans and landfills.

Great Shave + Great Savings = ShaveSets


+ Aftershave Balm

($48 value / $4 OFF)



+ ShaveBrush

($54 value / $9 OFF)

Shaveface-HiRes-Strop Balm Cream.jpg

Strop + ShaveCream
+ Aftershave Balm

($86 value / $28 OFF)

Shaveface Gift ShaveSet.JPG

The Full Set

($120 value / $42 OFF)


Add a Travel RazorCase to any Shave Set for just $10


ShaveCare Essentials

ShaveFace ShaveCare Essentials.JPG

SUPER FUN FACT: We don't just make Strops anymore.

Press Features


"The Strop allows for three to five times more use out of each disposable blade, reducing the number used by the average man from 28 to seven per year, for savings of roughly $100. "


"This ingenious denim Strop can save you over $100 a year and simultaneously deliver the closest shave you've ever had with a disposable razor."


"Could ShaveFace Be The Next Dollar Shave Club?"

Customer Testimonials


"I shave every weekday before work... Shaving with a sharpened blade was fast and easy, and will save me a lot of money in the long run. For someone with sensitive skin, a sharpened blade makes a big difference. I now carry The Strop on every business trip to get a close shave daily."

- JAMES B., New York City


"I'm normally not too easily impressed but 3 weeks into using the strop and still on the same blade and still getting a smooth clean new blade shave every time. I'm left wondering how long The Strop can make one blade last. It will have paid for itself within a few months."

- STEVE, United Kingdom