Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Strop work for my razor?

The Strop works with any disposable razor, razor cartridge, or safety razor, women’s or men’s. This includes, but isn’t limited to, Gillette, Schick, Venus, Bic, Harrys, Dollar Shave Club, and most private label blades that you would find in your local pharmacy. The Strop is not designed to work with straight razors.

Give it a shot. You’ve got nothing to lose but the stubble.

Will I really be saving money if I use The Strop?

How do I use The Strop?

·Hold the razor as you would to shave, blade facing the top of The Strop with the handle towards you.
·Blades should be face down on the denim and placed at the bottom of The Strop.
·Apply the same pressure you would for a clean shave and push the razor the length of The Strop, from bottom to top.
·Repeat the motion 15-20 times for best results.
·Rinse razor after stropping.
·Repeat steps 1-5 before each use.
·Drink black coffee.
·Climb a mountain.

Warning: Don’t “shave” towards yourself. You’ll dull your blade and give your denim a nice slice.

What is The Strop made of?

The Strop is made from raw-denim and sturdy leather, both top quality in their respective (fibrous) categories and made right here in the USA. All our products are hand stitched ’n’ studded by a real man with well-trimmed scruff and branded with bronze and the heat of a thousand suns. Maybe not a thousand suns... but it’s pretty damn hot. We know that you have a choice when it comes to shaving, and we’re committed to putting only the highest quality stuff near your face.

Why does it work?

1) Razors are finely tuned and complexly engineered to provide an effective shave with as little irritation as possible. Barbers are taught to hold their blades at a specific angle against the face, roughly 30°. The blades inside your cartridge were taught the same thing. As you continue to shave with the same cartridge, the hairs on your face pull the blades out of alignment and away from their factory settings. Running a razor against the Strop presses the blades back into proper alignment.

2) The edge of these blades are so thin, that the process of shaving causes little micro-burs and indentations occur. The friction built between the denim and the blades will actually smooth the surface of the blades for a sharper, more comfortable shave.

But can’t I just use my own jeans?

Your jeans would work, but our Strop is better. So, we’ve done the dirty work for you: typically jeans are made out of a softer, less durable denim. This means, over time, your jeans will start to tear. We’ve tested more than 100 varieties of denim and carefully selected the most effective, durable, heavy-weave blend.

This is designed to withstand the daily pressure of stropping. Don’t want to shred your favorite pair of jeans for a close shave? Neither do we.

What about my razor’s lubrication strip?

A straight-razor shave is considered the closest shave a man can get. Our Strop is designed to realign your disposable blades the same way one might keep a straight-razor in peak condition. Does a straight-razor use a lubrication strip? Nope. They rely on the sharpness of the blade, the moisture of the shaving cream and the skill of the barber.

Low quality shaving creams take all of the moisture out of your face: think aerosol cans. The lubrication strip replaces some of the moisture that the cream removes from your skin. For the benefit of your face and every other face that touches your face, we recommend you invest in a high quality shaving cream to use with your disposable razor blades. If there is enough moisture in your shaving cream, the lubrication strip is unnecessary.

After using The Strop, I noticed some denim fibers on my blades. Is this normal?

Totally normal. Just give your blades a good rinse, the same way you would to clean out excess hairs, and you’ll be back to smooth shaving.

Is this sanitary?

We hate to shock you, but the way you’re using your razor probably isn’t all that sanitary. Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

Below are a couple tips from the pro-shavers at ShaveFace that will keep both your Strop and blades in peak and hygienic condition.

1. To make sure your blades stay clear, give your razor a quick rinse by running it under extremely hot water before and after each shave. That’ll clean out hairs that could keep you from your closest possible shave.
2. To keep the razor hygienic, submerge the blades in a small dish of rubbing alcohol when not in use. This will kill any bacteria that happen to be living on your razor and will keep your blade from rusting.

It’s a win-win. And we’re all about the W.

Can I work for ShaveFace?

Maybe. Send a resume and two truths and a lie to us at: We promise to take a look.

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